Light Blue Or Tallit

Light Blue Or Tallit


Brand: Talitania

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Light Blue Or Tallit
Light Blue Or Tallit Light Blue Or Tallit


Wool and Synthetic Blend

Connect to the Jewish tradition with this lovely tallit from Israeli manufacturer Talitnia. Made from a blend of wool and synthetic fibers, this prayer shawl features light blue stripes adorning part of the white fabric. The atarah (collar) features the classic Hebrew verse "Oteh Or Kesalma" ("Who Wears Light Like Clothing") and the four corners of the garment feature a lovely depiction of Jerusalem with the Hebrew words "Sha'alu Shalom Yerushalayim" ("They asked of the Peace of Jerusalem"). Through its use of Hebrew verse and its representation of the Holy City of Jerusalem, this tallit is a wonderful way to connect to your Jewish heritage.

Since the late 19th century, Talitnia has been producing high-quality Jewish prayer shawls. From its humble beginnings in Poland to its large Israeli enterprise today, Talitnia has produced a large selection of tallitot, from the traditional black to more original designs.

Talitnia’s prayer shawls are certified kosher Mehadrin min Hamehadrin.