Passover Counting Book

Passover Counting Book

Passover Counting Book

Brand: Barbara Shaw

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Passover Counting Book
Passover Counting Book


Keep the little ones entertained and stimulated during the seder. Each page is decorated with significant Passover images for the children to count and play around with.

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Material Cotton
Size 24cmx17cm

This is the perfect item to make the kids feel special during seder time and to keep them entertained during the long periods of the evening. Each page is hand-sewn with different Passover images. The pages have depictions of Pharoah, haggadahs, wine and so much more and are placed in different amount for the kids to count. This item is fun and educational and a must-have at the seder.

The book's pages are hand-sewn from cotton and the the book has small velcro closures to keep the book sealed and clean. This will make a fantastic gift for Passover.