Osem Chicken Soup Powder (Meat) (400g)

Osem Chicken Soup Powder (Meat) (400g)


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Osem Chicken Soup Powder (Meat) (400g)
Osem Chicken Soup Powder (Meat) (400g)


A 400 gram container of chicken soup powder with real chicken, this powder is used for seasoning broth or any other dish.

In Israel, you will find chicken soup powder on the spice racks of most houses, no matter their cultural background. People in Israel use this powder to bring out a savory taste in soups, vegetables, chicken dishes, and even beef dishes. Mix this powder with mashed potatoes and you have all the seasonings you need for a delicious side dish. Bring this Israeli culinary trick to your home. It solves pretty much every seasoning problem – you’ll be surprised!
This chicken soup powder is Kosher Meat. The powder contains gluten (from wheat), soy, and sesame.